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By South Florida ENT Associates
March 20, 2019
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Having trouble hearing those around you clearly? You could benefit from a hearing aid.

Have you suddenly noticed that you need to turn up the volume on the television in order to understand what people are saying? Do you hearing aidfind yourself drifting out of the conversation in loud environments because it’s difficult to hear people? If you said “yes” then you could be dealing with some degree of hearing loss and may benefit from hearing aids. If you suspect that you might have hearing loss the sooner you visit our Hollywood, FL, otolaryngologists Dr. David Jassir, Dr. Mark Sukenik, and Dr. Sabine Hesse the better.

So, how can you tell whether you might have hearing loss? You may have hearing loss if:

  • You ask people to repeat themselves or you say “what?” frequently
  • You have trouble hearing people on the telephone
  • You have trouble focusing on conversations when more than one person is speaking
  • Your family members complain that the television or radio is too loud
  • You feel like you strain to hear or understand what others are saying
  • You have particular difficulty hearing people in noisy environments like a crowded restaurant
  • You have issues understanding children and women

What Now?

So, if you notice that you are nodding your head to one or more of these issues above then you might have hearing loss. While it’s normal for even those with great hearing to sometimes have trouble understanding others under certain circumstances, if you notice that these issues are rather frequent then you should schedule a hearing test with one of our Hollywood, FL, ENT doctors.

If we determine that you do need a hearing aid, the sooner you start managing your hearing loss the better. After all, it does take time to adjust to wearing and hearing with the help of a hearing aid.

What does a hearing aid do?

This small device is worn either inside or behind the ear to amplify sounds to make it easier for those with varying degrees of hearing loss to be able to hear certain sounds that may be more difficult for them to hear all on their own. It’s important to recognize that a hearing aid does not restore hearing but will help to make certain sounds clearer and louder so you can distinguish them.

If you are having difficulty hearing friends and loved ones isn’t it time you found out what’s going on? Call South Florida ENT Associates in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, FL, today and let us know that you want to schedule a hearing loss screening or to ask any questions about hearing aids.

By South Florida ENT Associates
August 28, 2017
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Hearing loss is a common, frustrating condition affecting about 48 million people, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.Hearing Aid Treatments for this condition vary, though many sufferers depend greatly on a hearing aid to restore their hearing. Learn more about the different types of hearing aids and what they can do for you with Dr. David Jassir, Dr. Mark Sukenik and Dr. Sabine V. Hesse at South Florida ENT Associates in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, FL.

How does a hearing aid work? 
Hearing aids depend on three separate parts to function: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. The microphone receives outside sounds and sends them through the amplifier, which makes them louder, and out of the speaker, which sends them into the ear at a higher volume than one would naturally hear it. If your doctor suspects you may need a hearing aid, they will suggest a hearing test. During the test, the patient wears a pair of headphones through which they hear sounds at different decibels and frequencies and identifies the sounds and on which side they hear them. This test allows your doctor to pinpoint the severity and extent of your hearing loss to determine which hearing aid is best for your condition.

Types of Hearing Aids 
Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes. Behind-the-ear models fit around the back of the ear and rest in the ear canal. In-the-ear styles of hearing aids resemble a seashell and fit into the dish-shaped part of the ear. In-the-canal models fit within the ear and are more discreet than traditional behind-the-ear styles. Completely-in-canal hearing aids fit totally within the ear’s canal, hidden from sight. You can work with your ear, nose, and throat doctor to determine the best style of hearing aid based on the severity of your condition and preference.

Hearing Aids in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, FL
Hearing loss often begins slowly and gets worse over a long period of time. Some of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss include feeling like others mumble often, difficulty hearing the other party during a telephone call, those around you complaining that the TV or radio is too loud when you feel like it is at a normal volume, or obvious difficulty distinguishing conversations in crowded or loud places. If you think you suffer from hearing loss, you should consult with your ear, nose, and throat doctor to determine if you require a hearing test.

For more information on hearing aids and which type of aid will work for you, please contact Dr. David Jassir, Dr. Mark Sukenik and Dr. Sabine V. Hesse at South Florida ENT Associates in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, FL. Call (954) 966-7000 to schedule your appointment with your ear, nose, and throat doctor today!