Are hearing aids right for me?

By South Florida ENT Associates
August 24, 2015
Category: Hearing Loss
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Whether attributed to aging, disease or trauma, hearing loss affects many people of all ages. While hearing loss is common, the impact on quality of life can be huge. Hearing aids, which improve hearing and speech comprehension, can greatly help sufferers of hearing Hearing Aidsloss live a better life. An ear, nose and throat doctor can work with patients to determine the best hearing aid for them.

What kind of hearing aids are available? 
Depending on the severity of the condition, different hearing aids are used. Some aids, called ITE, or in-the-ear, are fitted completely inside the outer ear. BTE, or behind-the-ear aids, are encased in plastic that sits behind the ear. The BTE aid is the most diverse type of hearing aid, and is used commonly in hearing loss suffers, no matter the age or severity of hearing loss. Canal hearing aids are less visible than ITE or BTE varieties, and fit completely into the ear canal. ITC, or in-the-canal, aids fit into the ear canal, while CIC, or completely-in-canal, aids are smaller and nearly invisible in the ear canal.

How do hearing aids work?
Hearing aids are powered by small, replaceable batteries. A microphone picks up the sounds around the wearer. An amplifier in the aid itself intensifies those sounds so that they are louder as it enters the ear. A receiver sends these louder sounds into the ear, where they are then sent to the brain via neural signals.

How do I know if a hearing aid is right for me? 
After an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor, the cause and severity of hearing loss is determined. If the hearing loss is considered severe enough, hearing aids are required. In some cases, if hearing loss occurs in both of the ears, two hearing aids are needed. The aid is custom fitted and adjusted to the ear. About one in five people who suffer from hearing loss benefits from hearing aids. Hearing aids have a greater effect on people who suffer from hearing loss due to damage in the inner ear than hearing loss from damage to the outer ear, such as the ear canal or eardrum.

If you suffer from hearing loss, South Florida ENT Associates in Hollywood, FL can help. They are experts in their field, dedicated to compassionate, knowledgable care for all of their patients. After an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor, the cause and severity of hearing loss is determined. An appointment will be made with an Audiologist. Call to schedule an appointment for a consultation today!