Mini CT Scans: A Breakthrough in ENT Diagnostic Imaging

Bigger isn't always better, as demonstrated by mini CT scans. These compact imaging machines are incredibly portable, allowing us to bring the machine to you. Despite their small stature, these imaging devices pull their weight. Let us at South Florida ENT Associates, serving Hollywood, FL, and the nearby region, explain how mini CT scans are revolutionizing ENT diagnostics when patients visit one of our specialists. 

Accurate, Detailed Imaging

The ears, nose, and throat are areas with complicated structures. The ears consist of three of the smallest bones in your body, while the nose is quite complex with nerves, vessels, and mucus membranes. For accurate diagnoses, our practitioner must receive precise, high-resolution images. 

Mini CT scans provide high-definition, detailed images of the complex ear, nose, and throat structures. Often, they're comparable to full CT scan images.

Less Intense

Mini CT scans at our Hollywood, FL, office are also less intense than the standard machines. Rather than lying on a table, journeying through a tube, and having the device take multiple images, the scan comes to you. There's no need to feel claustrophobic because you won't have a machine surrounding you with this test. Ultimately, this is highly beneficial to patients who don't require a full-body scan, like our ENT patients. 

Receive the Test In-House

Traditional CT machines are not only expensive but take up quite a bit of room, making them unfeasible to have in a typical practice. However, mini CT scans are incredibly small and portable, allowing the CT to come to you rather than vice versa. 

Therefore, we can perform this mini-test in the comfort of our office, minimizing any travel time or inconvenience for you. 

Save Money

If you've ever had a normal-sized CT scan, you know how expensive they can be, even if insurance pays for a portion of the test. If it's not a life-threatening issue, you may forego the diagnostics to save money. 

A mini-test is more budget-friendly, allowing you to receive the testing you need for less. 

Less Noise

While not as noisy as MRIs or full CT scans of the past, ones of today still generate some sound, which can be off-putting to a patient. However, when our ENT performs a mini scan on you, the noise is even more minimal. 

At South Florida ENT Associates, serving Weston, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, or Hollywood, FL, and the neighboring communities, our practitioners utilize mini CT scans for ENT diagnostics because of how much it can enhance the patient's experience. It's revolutionizing patient care, and we're at the forefront of technology with it.

If you're having issues with your ear, nose, or throat, call today. Call for more information today at (954) 966-7000 for the office in Hollywood, FL, (954) 389-1414 for the offices in Weston and Ft. Lauderdale, FL, (954) 438-1015 for the office in Memorial West Medical Building in Pembroke Pines, FL, (954) 237-2505 for the office in Atria in Pembroke Pines, FL, and (561) 353-7377 for the office in Boca Raton, FL.

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