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Do You Need Hearing Aids In Hollywood, FL?

Hearing Aids in Hollywood, FL There is nothing worse than realizing that you can’t fully understand those around you. If you find yourself saying “huh” and “what” a lot then you could be dealing with hearing loss. Unfortunately, many people brush off these small changes until they realize just how much their hearing loss is impacting their ability to communicate with others. Here in Hollywood, FL, South Florida ENT Associates wants to get you back into the conversation and one of the most popular ways in which to do this is with a hearing aid.

What is a hearing aid?

This small electronic device can be worn behind or within the ear to help those with hearing loss understand and better communicate with those around them in everyday settings. If you have trouble hearing people in loud environments then a hearing aid can help amplify the voices and sounds you want to hear.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that so many people dealing with hearing loss can benefit from a hearing aid only about 1 in 5 people who should have a hearing aid actually use one. While a hearing aid cannot restore your hearing it is designed to amplify sound vibrations that enter the ear. The extent of your hearing loss will determine how much amplification will be needed in order to hear better.

How do I know whether I could benefit from a hearing aid?

First, you need to turn to our Otolaryngologists to find out if you are dealing with hearing loss. Signs of hearing loss include,

  • Needing people to repeat themselves often
  • Complaints from family members about the loudness of the TV or radio
  • Having to read lips or ask people to talk slower
  • Having trouble hearing everyday sounds like the doorbell
  • Avoiding social interactions and conversations

If you suspect that you might have some degree of hearing loss, no matter how minimal, it’s important that you see an ENT right away for an evaluation. They can measure your hearing loss through a simple hearing test. Through this test, we can determine the type and degree of hearing loss and then discuss which hearing aids are right for you.

Thanks to advancing medical technology, there are so many different kinds and styles of hearing aid available to make it easier to adapt to this assistive hearing device. During your consultation we will discuss your lifestyle and habits (e.g. physical activity), profession and budget to help us determine which style and features would work best with your everyday routine. From there, we can fit you with a hearing aid. After your fitting, you will come in regularly for adjustments and checkups to make sure you are satisfied with your hearing aid.

If you are dealing with hearing loss and want to find the right hearing aid to fit into your life then call South Florida ENT Associates at (954) 966-7000 to schedule a hearing aid consultation with one of our otolaryngologists.

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