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The Xoran MiniCAT™ CT Scan In Hollywood, FL

Mini CT Scan Hollywood FL A CT scan (also known as computed tomography or a CAT scan) is a diagnostic tool that is similar to an X-ray that captures photos of the internal parts of the body. CT scans are often used to diagnose broken bones, diseases, tumors, internal bleeding and traumatic injuries. One of the best ways to diagnose sinus- and ear-related issues is through the use of a CT.

A CT scanner is able to create 3-D images of the structures and anatomy within your body to allow us to pinpoint and properly diagnose issues. Through the use of the latest technology created by Xoran Technologies, the MiniCAT™ can produce high-resolution images of the sinus cavity, bones and base of the skull.

How the Mini CT Scan Works:

The scan itself only takes about 40 seconds for adults and half that time for children. Patients also don’t have to worry about lying down or fearing claustrophobia, as the open design of the MiniCAT™ allows patients to sit during their short scan. The arm of the machine will make a single rotation around the patient’s head to capture the images it needs. These images will then automatically appear on our computer so we can make an accurate and swift diagnosis.

The Advantages of the Mini CT Scan System:

The MiniCAT™ allows us to diagnose your condition faster and within the comfort of our own office, rather than sending you offsite for the test. This means the patient will receive a faster and more effective treatment option in only a few minutes rather than coming back for multiple appointments. This means less time and money spent at the doctor’s office.

While traditional CT scans have been known to expose patients to higher radiation levels than with a simple X-ray, the MiniCAT™ emits 90 percent less radiation than traditional CT scanners, making this particularly safe and effective to use on pediatric patients.

To find out more about our MiniCAT™ CT Scan technology, or to schedule your next appointment with South Florida ENT Associates,call us today at (954) 966-7000 in Hollywood, FL.

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